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Poster: hippie64 Date: Oct 19, 2009 7:06am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Jerry Poll

It's a fine cocktail we mix for ourselves, just the right amount of this w/ the right amount of that and you have nirvana (not the band), To much of one and what was once fun is now a tedious nightmare.
Jerry even spoke in interveiws about being to high to play, pcychadelics are beautiful but you can't manage that level of drug intensity and still compentently manage your craft,w/ the degree that is expected of a musician, Cocaine your always looking for that next high, Opiates unfortunitly
can give you all the color,the pain killing, you want, the only problem is it anestesizes the person to the point were they can't really see how it is affecting them. Jerry told band members that he liked herion he liked the color it provided him and he was going to continue to use as long as he wanted. They (I believe Phil and Bob ) asked him point blank, The band or the drugs,
and I Qoute Jerry "in that case I'll take the drugs" God I love that guy.
The man had a lot of courage and guts. His stock will always increase because the man had talent to his art, I'm confident that my great-great grandkids will experience the man's music.
My belief is that herion didn't kill jerry. He's only resting, maybe it is some denial on my part, Unfortunatly I got a healthy dose of that junkie mentality myself ( I fight it everyday, but most of the time I'm always reasoning with myself, if this is fun now, think how much more funner (my word, you like?) this would be high?